How To Dim iPhone’s Brightness Darker Than The Lowest Brightness Setting

I am an iPhone user, and I use my iPhone especially at night to read blogs and books always. However, the iPhone’s lowest brightness setting isn’t enough. I want it to be even dimmer, can I? I am sure you can relate too. If you are looking out a solution, then the answer is yes. You can go even darker as Apple provides you the perfect nighttime settings. To know more stay tuned!

If you are like me who spend time on the phone before going to bed then you know if lights are off the brightness still feel too loud. To adjust the display brightness to the lowest so that it is soothing for eyes is what we look for.

Thankfully, the iPhone has a hidden way to get your phone super dim. I am sure you are waiting to know the trick. So, without much ado let’s jump to the main component.

Make your iPhone darker than lowest brighter settings

There are two techniques to make the iPhone screen darker. Either “Reduce White Point” to lower the intensity of colors or Adjust “Zoom” for further display darkens.

Turning on Reduce White Point:

  • Open the Settings App
  • Click General> Accessibility
  • Open Vision and tap Display Accommodations
  • Slide the Reduce White Point switch to the left.
  • A new slider will appear below Reduce White Point when it is green
  • Drag slider and adjust the White Point. The higher the percentage of the slider the darker your screen will be.

Making iPhone Screen Darker Using Zoom Tool:

Another way is to adjust faint light by using the Zoom function. For this follow the mentioned steps:

  • Go to the Settings App.
  • Now go to General> Accessibility > Zoom
  • For this toggle your finger three times on the configuration overlay. Choose a filter and then low light from the options. Finally, drag Zoom slider to the left.
  • You are one step away from the modal, adjust the Zoom Region to Full-Screen Zoom
  • Click on the Zoom Filter
  • Select the Low Light
  • Your screen will be dimmer instantly. From here you can go to the Control center for minor settings.

If you are thinking that by muting your screen battery will be saved then this feature is just a filter and has no relevance with power saving. For those looking for a power saving mode, this is disappointing though.

Setup a shortcut for Ultra Low Brightness:

Well, this was about how to get your iPhone screen darker. To help you further we have got a shortcut mode to save your time and energy (at least physically). This ultra-saving mode can anytime by cinch by enabling Apple’s Accessibility Shortcut.

  • Open the Settings Tool
  • Go to General> Accessibility> Accessibility Shortcut
  • Choose Zoom option (If not picked earlier). And you’re done

Now, whenever you wish to activate or deactivate the Zoom low Light Brightness setting. All you need to do is just press Home button thrice, and a Zoom button popup will show on your screen. That’s all folks!

Final Thoughts:

I hope this guide helped you to get even dimmer than dim settings. Do let us know how your experience was and do you find it prolific.